Tree to Table: Emergence of the Urban Wood Movement

Tree to Table Author Paul Morrison

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Paul morrison

Let me start with the backstory on the home-page business rule #1:

The passion for a craft can drive people to expend countless hours in pursuit, often beyond what is wise. More than a decade ago a couple of us were in the shop working on a project well past 9:00 in the evening.  We were not pushing a deadline; we just loved what we were doing and were not so good at just calling it a day.  That led to 27 stitches, and to Rule #1.

Yet passion does not have an OFF switch.  So once the tools coast to a stop and the dust settles on the day, Past 9 Publishing becomes the creative outlet.  Our goal is to share in word what we have learned through our days, both in word and in visual display. 

Our launch point is to unveil a new industry.  Tree to Table; Emergence of the Urban Wood Movement is where we share the growth of a new industry that is based on reclaiming urban hardwoods and restoring American craftsmanship, and the stories we have and share associated with those trees.  

Paul is the owner of The Wood Cycle, located in Oregon, WIsconsin. He’s been pursuing his passion as his full-time career since 2001. Past 9 Publishing is a growing platform for Paul to share his knowledge and passion for the urban wood industry with those who seek the stories behind the products they buy.