Tree to Table: Emergence of the Urban Wood Movement


Tree to Table: Emergence of the Urban Wood Movement


200 pages

Imagine a summer party hosted on a plastic composite deck with an awning for shade, if any shade at all.


The same party, the same guest list, but on a lawn under a huge oak tree that shades the entire yard.

Which party will you most remember? Perhaps you are remembering it right now.

Farm to Table concepts are merging with old world craftsmanship and redefining sustainability by moving as local as your own yard.

More than just providing shade, our trees help build memories. Over the years we have lost many of these magnificent trees, not only to age, but to disease and insect infestations of our own making. With emerald ash borer now looming, our urban landscape is facing yet another crisis. A growing network of local craftsmen are now saving these legacy trees from the mulch piles of our cities; building durable furnishings that emphasize the unique character of each tree.

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